Things You Should Know About Bowhunting in the USA

Have you always been fascinated with different characters that make use of the bow and arrow? If you answer yes, then you know that you have a high interest in bowhunting. People have used the bow and arrow for centuries. This is why people are saying that they have to be updated with modern bowhunting now. They may still be stuck in ancient times and they do not want to make mistakes.

Bowhunting in the USA

Bowhunting in the USA is already considered a tradition. This is something that people have done for a long time. They are going to pass on this tradition from one generation to another. Let us say that no one has taught you how to do bowhunting. You are curious to know more about it. You thirst for more information so that you will get to understand it better.

In the USA, the most sought-after animal for bowhunting is the Whitetail deer. It does not matter in what state you live in; you will probably be close to a location where you can hunt for it. Other animals that you can hunt are the following:

  • Turkey
  • Elk
  • Black Bear

Some people who would like to use their bow and arrow while fishing can also do bow fishing. Yet, most people start with the deer. Contrary to popular belief, it is not easy. This is the first thing that people do because this is when they would learn to become more familiar with the habits of the different animals. At the same time, they will also learn how to become patient.

Where to Hunt in the USA?

There are different areas in the USA where you can hunt different animals. This time, you would like to visit some bow hunting areas only. It can be hard when you are going to an area wherein different hunters will be using varying weapons. Some may be using firearms. Others would be using muzzleloaders.

There are different places in the USA wherein only bowhunting is allowed. You can familiarize yourself with these places so that you know where to go.

  • Arkansas – The fact that there are 47,000 acres of land wherein you can start hunting will be very exciting. You just need to be familiar with the different hotspots that are available. Some of them are open all year round. Others will only be open at certain seasons.
  • Kentucky – This is the state that will give preferential treatment to bowhunters as compared to those who are using firearms. 143,000 acres are available for interested bowhunters. Some areas will allow you to have an adventure. You can hike up in some of the mountains to start bow hunting. It can be a fun experience for you and the rest of the people that you would be hunting with.
  • Missouri – Different areas in Missouri are available for bow-only hunters. There are some more popular areas because these are the areas that people have visited for centuries. You may also choose to be in those areas or check out the recently opened ones. Your choice will depend on your preference.
  • Maryland – This may be one of the states in the USA wherein the acres of land are not as big as the others. Still, you should not disregard what Maryland has to offer. Just make sure that you will secure the right permit to start hunting. Once you have done this, bowhunting for different animals will be a possibility.
  • Texas – If you would like to try hunting on land that is owned by a timber company then this is the best one to choose. There is also a lot of forage so you know that the animals here will live long. You will be able to find the animals that you want to hunt for sure.


There are a lot of areas where you may choose to start hunting. It may be hard to pick but think about your proximity to these states. The nearer you are to these states; the less effort it would take to get to the right locations.

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