PSE Brute LT Ready-to-Shoot Bow

Loosing an arrow from the string to speed away and strike into its mark – whether that mark is a large Styrofoam target or the buck whose antlers you are planning to use to decorate the wall of your den – has a special flair and satisfaction. This is true whether the string is attached to a traditional longbow, or is stretched between the cams of a modern compound bow. Nevertheless, having a bow that includes many of the modern conveniences – various types of sights, a good let off to give you a comfortable holding weight, quietness, and accuracy – makes archery especially palatable as a sport or hunting form, and increases your chances of success both on the practice range and the field.

The PSE Brute LT Ready-to-Shoot Bow is another of the many excellent, lightweight, very effective and powerful compound bows that the contemporary archer can choose from when equipping themselves for competition or hunting. Two different draw weights are available – one model offers a draw weight of 50 to 60 pounds, and the other provides a 60 to 70 pound draw weight – meaning that you can choose the strength of bow that is best suited to your physique and archery style.

The Brute, despite its name, is a very lightweight bow, weighing in at a mere 4 pounds thanks to its extremely low-mass riser. The light weight, of course, helps you hold a steady aim and helps to keep your hand and arm immobile when you are preparing to make an important shot. The bow is also quick to shoot and you will be able to comfortably fire several arrows in quick succession if desired – a task that is made easier by the installed backstop, which suppresses vibration from firing practically to nil. The bow also includes a hush kit (factory installed for your convenience) that renders operation nearly silent – an important consideration when the perfect buck is standing only 15 yards from your position, and you need to draw and fire without alerting him before the shot.

Archers who have used the PSE Brute report that drawing is smooth, and this effect is increased by the let off of 80%, which can be adjusted by you anywhere down to 65%. Accuracy of the bow – a highly important consideration for hunters and target shooters alike – is excellent, with the ability to shoot arrow groupings of 4” to 6” with the bow as it comes from the factory, and 2” to 4” groupings with casual adjustments, at a range of 40 yards.

The riser includes a slender grip with low torque which makes shooting with the bow quite comfortable. The cam system, like that on other modern bows, allows bow press-free adjustment of up to 3” of draw length, from 27” to 30”. There are multiple holes for mounting sights, allowing the archer to choose exactly where they would prefer to attach their favorite sight. The bow comes with the included Mongoose peep sight mounted, although this has a tendency to fall out after several shots (but is easily remounted thereafter).

The kit also includes an Aries sight with a light, a quiver, an arrow rest, and a nocking loop. With the Ready-to-Shoot option described here, the nocking loop will already be installed on the string when the PSE Brute arrives.  The IBO Speed is slightly less than that of bows such as the Browning Verado, but is still robust at 308 feet per second.

A lightweight, silent, and deadly compound bow with many convenient features, the PSE Brute is an accurate weapon for target shooting and white tail deer hunting alike. Flexible and adjustable thanks to its engineering, and featuring a slender low-torque grip that makes shooting exceptionally pleasant, the Brute is an easy-to-use bow that can be literally fired straight out of the box – and which, with a few minor adjustments, offers a truly standout archery performance.

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