HHA OL-5500 Bow Sight

As intricate as a modern compound bow is, and as many features as it generally manages to pack into a single weapon, there is always room to improve performance just a bit more. One of the ways you can increase the effectiveness of your compound bow is to purchase a good bow sight. Aiming correctly is a major part of using your bow correctly – if your aim is sloppy or you are unable to tell where your arrow is likely to end up, then you are also more likely to end up with a lost arrow and no trophy antlers to show for all your pains.

Fortunately for the important issue of accuracy, there are many quality bow sights on the market today as well. The HHA OL-5500 Bow Sight is one such, and packs a good deal of sophistication and numerous useful features into a single small piece of equipment. Coming with a black finish, and in a right-hand version only, the HHA OL-5500 is highly regarded by nearly every archer who has used it, whether for target shooting or in the rigorous conditions of the hunting field.

The sight is made out of aluminum in order to save weight, and includes five feet of fiber optic material attached to a rheostat. This lets you adjust the brightness of the vertical pin which is the main sighting mechanism – a very important, convenient feature, since you will want different brightness settings late on a cloudy, snowy Wisconsin afternoon than you will in the brilliant glare of sunlight in the African savannah at noon, for example. The pin can be very bright, which is an advantage over some other pins in different sight models.

To further increase the HHA OL-5500 Bow Sight’s utility, it comes equipped with a windage lock, a vibration-resistant cap screw, and an elevation hinge that is operated an easy-to-use knob. The sight is useful at all ranges, and will help your accuracy immensely regardless of the shot you are making. One small flaw is that the screws that hold it on are steel, not aluminum, and will rust if they consistently become wet. They are easy to replace, however, and the site itself is completely rust proof.

Installation of the bow sight is very quick and easy as well. Thirty minutes is ample time to get the bow sight not only installed, but correctly adjusted and sighted in. The HHA OL-5500 is very tough and rugged, engineered to last, and will continue to serve you well for many years as long as you maintain it at a basic level. When you need to sight and aim accurately – which is all the time – under all kinds of conditions, then this bow sight is admirably adapted to helping you out and getting you the deer, elk, or bear that you desire.

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