PSE Barracuda Compound Bowfishing Bow

Most people with limited experience with outdoor sports are probably unfamiliar with bowfishing, and may well not even be aware that it is possible to fish with a bow and arrow instead of a fishing pole or a net. Bowfishing is an ancient art in some parts of the world, however, and enough people enjoy it as a form of recreation in the contemporary world for bow-making companies to produce bows specifically for this type of fishing.

Many special considerations apply to bowfishing, which can be carried out from a platform, a boat, or while actually standing in shallow water. Unfletched arrows are typically used, since the presence of fletching can cause arrows to swerve unpredictably in the water, and bowfishing is carried out at extremely close ranges in any case. Most bowfishing arrows are fiberglass and quite heavy, although aluminum and other substances are also used. These arrows are often connected to a reel with a spool of fishing line, since there needs to be some way to easily retrieve fish that you have hit with a shot from the surface.

The PSE Barracuda Compound Bowfishing Bow is a compound bow designed specifically for this interesting archery sport. It is of a typical size for a compound bow, with an axle to axle length of 31.5” and a brace height of 6.5”. It can use any draw length up to 30”, and features a consistent, smooth draw weight for snap shooting when a fish is in your sights. It comes with two fishing arrows, and includes a bowfishing reel with a line so that you can pull in your catch easily and efficiently.

The bow is very light, which is important for shooting fish while bowfishing, since quick adjustments of aim and a steady stance are both likely to be needed at different times. The Barracuda is finished with a startling, vivid aqua color which is intended to be “aquatic camouflage” or “Aquacamo.” Recoil is very low and there are both right hand and left hand models available.

The PSE Barracuda is a good choice both for veteran bowfishers and those who want to start in on the sport of bowfishing. Its light weight, built-in line reel, and ability to handle snap shots all make it good for hunting fish. The aquatic camouflage may not actually help to conceal you from your finned quarry, but it will at least leave you in no doubt what this bow is meant for, and may even be the catalyst for some interesting fish stories.

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