Some Requirements to Play Archery in the USA

Archery is one of those sports that have been played by people for a long time. You are interested to play it and learn more about it but you are intimidated. It is easy to be intimidated by any sport. Remember that learning a new sport will always be a challenge no matter what you are in.

You need to master the skills that are needed to do archery properly. Plus, you also have to understand its rules well otherwise, you will not be able to compete. Research about archery and you will surely become more interested.

Target Requirements for Archery

The target requirements for archery will differ depending on where you are going to play it. There are two options available:

  • Indoor archery
  • Outdoor archery

The targets will be the same for indoor and outdoor archery. The difference is the number of available targets. Normally, there are fewer targets when you are doing archery indoors. The hall is not as big as the area outdoors. There may also be some differences in the types of bows and arrows that will be used. It will depend on the event that you will join.

These are some of the requirements for indoor range:

  • The other accesses aside from the shooting line will not be available during practice.
  • There should also be some stoppers that can be placed on the windows of the indoor shooting range. This is necessary so that if arrows hit there, they will not go through the window.
  • There should be barriers that are available during the actual game so that the spectators can be safe.
  • Spectators will not be allowed to go beyond the target line.

Let us say that you would rather play outdoor archery. There are still some requirements that you need to be familiar with such as the following:

  • The field course should be arranged in a way that it will not be confusing for the players to walk towards the shooting line.
  • There should be a safe path available for the medics, judges, and other required people in the field. This safe path should not be within the range of the target area.
  • The targets should be laid out in a way that they are maximized. Take note that other areas should also be taken into consideration. The area where the spectators should be will also be laid out.
  • Shooting pegs should be marked properly depending on the distance where they are supposed to be shot. This will avoid any confusion when the players are already starting to play.

There are still different rules that you should be familiar with. The more serious you are about playing archery, the easier it will be to remember all of the regulations that you should follow.

Bow and Arrow Requirements to Play Archery

You can use different equipment when you want to play archery. For the bows, these are the choices available:

  • Recurve bows – This is the type of bow that will only be allowed in the Olympics.
  • Compound bows – Those who are using compound bows will not be allowed to shoot arrows that will have a peak draw weight of about 60 lbs. Remember that stabilizers can be used provided that they can only be used to touch the bow.
  • Barebow – This can be used without the different accessories that are required for the recurve and the compound bow. This is more commonly used by young kids to teenagers who are 14 years old.

Now that you know about the different bows, it is time to know more details about the arrows. All the arrows must be of the same weight and length. They should also be properly marked so that when they are being checked, the checkers will know from who shot the arrows.

For archery events, the arrows should not go over 9.33 mm. This measurement already includes the tip of the arrow.


Playing archery can be one of your dreams and who says that you cannot push through with it? It can be fun and exciting especially if you are passionate about it. Get to know more details on how you can become better at it. Who knows, you may still be able to play competitively soon.

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