Browning Verado Ready-to-Shoot Compound Bow

Archery is one of the oldest human hunting methods, sports, and means of waging war, and sending a nearly silent, feathered shaft speeding from your string to strike home into the target still provides a timeless sense of satisfaction to many. Although perhaps not as immediately powerful as a gun, a bow has several interesting traits of its own, including the quietness of its use, the sense of skilled precision you gain from learning and using it correctly, and the simple fun of using an ingenious muscle-powered missile weapon with a long history and a good deal of style.

The modern archer has the choice of many bows to pick from, whether they are planning to shoot at inanimate targets or use the weapon for actual deer hunting. Both traditional bows and compound bows abound in the contemporary market, and one good example of a compound bow is found in the Browning Verado Ready-to-Shoot Compound Bow. This bow offers a 60 to 70 pound draw weight, as well as a handful of other interesting features.

The Verado is, indeed, ready to shoot out of the box as its name suggests, although you can also opt for the bow only or field ready package options. This intricate system of struts, strings, and wheels is a maneuverable bow, with its axle-to-axle length of 32 inches, and is lightened by a slimline riser to make it even easier to handle. The overall weight is 4.5 pounds.

The draw weight of 60 to 70 pounds is lessened by the let off of 80 percent, meaning that at this point (48 to 56 pounds, depending on the specific draw weight), the holding weight will begin to lessen, allowing you to hold the bow drawn and take your time aiming. Draw length is 27 inches to 30 inches, since its cams provide 3” of draw adjustment. The cams also allow you to vary the let off from 80% down to 65%, without needing to use a bow press to do so. The Verado’s IBO speed rating is 313 feet per second.

A number of other useful features round out the Verado compound bow. The color of the bow is mossy oak, and the grip is genuine wood for a smooth, pleasant hold on the riser. A hush kit is installed, and users do indeed report that the Verado is a much quieter bow than many equivalent compound bows, increasing your chances of getting off your shot without spooking your prey. A string stopper is included, and the string comes with an installed nocking loop.

The Verado compound bow comes with four accessories as well, including three types of sight – a fiber optic sight, a peep sight, and bow sight – and an arrow rest. These accessories extend the usefulness of the bow even more, and give you plenty of options to help with your aiming.

Lightweight, maneuverable, powerful, and very quiet, the Browning Verado is a very well-designed, practical bow for the 70 pound draw weight range. The adjustability of several key metrics – such as the draw and the let off – without specialized tools like a bow press makes this compound bow even more versatile, both at home and in the field. Whether you are sending your shafts into simple targets or are aiming for an antlered trophy for your wall (and venison for your freezer), the Verado has something to offer you.

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