Bear Archery Attack Bow

Compound bows are a modern hunting convenience that many bow hunters prefer because of their power, accuracy, and their let off, which allows you to keep your firing stance for a longer period of time than is possible with a recurve bow, because of the low holding weight compared to the draw weight on the string. Very strong archery is possible with a lightweight, convenient, and easy-to-use weapon – as bows such as the Bear Archery Attack Bow prove.

The Bear Archery Attack is one of the strongest bows in the Bear Archery range, and is designed to be a serious and effective hunting weapon, as well as providing fine target shooting possibilities. The riser is riddled with cutouts to keep the bow’s weight as low as possible, and Attack weighs only 4.2 pounds, which is less than some other models and comparable to most medium-weight compound bows, while providing more powerful archery than many of its competitors.

The IBO speed of the Attack ranges from 332 to 340 feet per second, which is quite impressive for a bow of its dimensions. This IBO speed is achieved by the special limbs which Bear Archery fits to its compound bows. These limbs are composed of uncut fibers, rather than laminated fibers, and this allows them to store more energy as well as making them more durable over the long run. The high speed, combined with the bow’s excellent engineering, means that you can fire your arrows accurately and with great force, giving you a good chance of taking down your deer with the first shot.

The grip of this bow is designed to minimize torque, a task it succeeds admirably at despite its slenderness. The ergonomic grip design is a characteristic of Bear Archery bows, and is applied successfully to this model also. Several other factors contribute to making the Attack a very comfortable and practical bow to use. The recoil of the bow is very low, close to zero, because the limb pockets are lined so that the limbs are not actually in contact with the pocket walls.  This not only reduces recoil and vibration, but lessens the sound of the bow when it is released as well. Noise dampeners are also installed to render the weapon even more silent.

Draw length can be adjusted anywhere from 25” to 30” without the use of a bow press, giving you flexibility in your draw and arrow choices. The peak draw weight can be 50 pounds, 60 pounds, or 70 pounds, and there is an 80% let-off that gives you plenty of opportunity to hold your aim for as long as necessary. Despite the draw weight of the bow, the draw is extremely smooth, thanks to the good engineering of the limbs and cams.

The Bear Archery Attack Bow may not be the market’s best compound bow, but it is definitely a strong contender and can hold its own against a plethora of other bows. An archer who makes use of this weapon will find themselves in possession of a bow that is lightweight and maneuverable, has no torque and close to zero recoil or vibration, and whose 80% let-off makes it ideal for holding for relatively long periods of time, as when you are preparing to make the perfect shot. The bow is also made to be durable and long-lasting, so that it can accompany you on the hunt for years to come.

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